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〒443-0013 愛知県蒲郡市大塚町丸山62−4

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This is a photo of the completion of the Nakamura Dental Clinic Extension, "Dentist on the Mountain" in Gamagori City. The dentist is located in a location with a wonderful view. The huge garden stone that was originally there is incorporated into the waiting room, offering a panoramic view of Mikawa Bay. The new examination room was designed to make the most of the view by effectively using the building shape and mirrors. Photography was done by TOLOLO studio.

001GGG02493 ToLoLo studio.jpg
024GGG02228-Edit ToLoLo studio.jpg
005GGG02425 ToLoLo studio.jpg
042GGG02470 ToLoLo studio.jpg
004GGG02274-Edit ToLoLo studio.jpg
002GGG02517 ToLoLo studio.jpg
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